Laura’s Glasgow Restaurant Favourites July 2013

I thought long and hard about what my first proper blog post should be and decided to share my favourite restaurants in Glasgow at the moment. I don’t doubt that this will change over time so I will probably update it at least annually.

Italian winner: La Lanterna
runner-up: Italian Kitchen

Greek winner: Yiamas
runner-up: Athena

Chinese winner: Opium
runner-up: Dragon-i

Thai winner: Thai Lemongrass
runner-up: Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn

Scottish winner: Cafe Gandolfi
runners-up: Guys
Fanny trollopes
Roastit Bubbly Jocks

Indian winner: Mother India’s Cafe
runner-up: Nakodar Grill

Fish winner: The Fish People Cafe
runner-up: Chippy Doon The Lane

Special Occasion winner: Ubiquitous Chip
runners-up: Stravaigin
Cail Bruich

Lunch winner: Celinos
runners-up: Cushion & Cake
Ashoka Ashton Lane
Tea Rooms at The Butterfly & Pig

Best For Groups winner: Viva Brazil
runners-up: Soho
Sapporo Teppanyaki

Bar/Pub Grub winner: Velvet Elvis
runners-up: The Butterfly & The Pig
Bier Halle
Brutti Ma Buoni

Leftovers (uncategorised) The Grill On The Corner (for Sunday lunch)
Cafezique (good fresh produce for breakfast, lunch or dinner but thumbs down for the website)
The Left Bank (a mixture of cuisines)
Number 16 (I just recently discovered this place and have only been once but food and service both got top marks from me)

Where is your favourite?


Please share your opinions

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