Yet Another Restaurant Trip Report on Burger Meats Bun!

Wow – I have never heard as much social media chatter over a restaurant as I have with Burger Meats Bun. Even before they opened last month, Twitter was full of discussions about this new Glasgow eaterie. The problem about creating such a buzz is that you have to live up to the hype or you’ll be slated…badly. So when I ventured along West Nile Street a couple of weeks ago I was excited but oddly nervous – could it actually be that good or is it going to fall flat?






After locating the place in one of the basement spaces near Revolution & Amber Regent, I surveyed the outside. Bold red lettering made it eye catching but, I’ll be honest, reminded me a little of those old Wimpy signs. Not always a bad thing if it automatically makes people think burger. I can assure you that the food was a trillion times better than Wimpy and the food is ultimately why we were here.






The décor is modern and a mix of tables and high tables with stools. We managed to bag one of the lower tables at the far wall and my friend started reading the menu. As per usual, I had looked on-line so had decided what I was having before I’d even left my house. My big cheese burger consisted of a beef patty, dale end cheddar & home-made burger sauce. We decided to share some maldon sea salt chips & cheesey chips, for variety purposes of course. She went for the cluckin BLT burger – confit leg meat, home cured & smoked bacon, mayo and salsa verde. We also ordered soft drinks, which arrived in their cans complete with straws. Perfectly informal just as I was expecting.




My burger on arrival


The informal dining experience did not end there as my burger arrived shortly after all wrapped up. I had read other reviews beforehand so knew that this was the case and also thankfully knew to use the kitchen roll that was provided because the burgers are extremely juicy. As I took that first bite I suddenly understood what all the fuss was about with this place. The beef was cooked perfectly (I like a bit of pink in my burger), the cheese was gooey and the sauce provided flavour without overpowering it. I admit that I had been sceptical about the brioche bun because I thought it would have a sweetness but, in reality, it just meant that I could eat with my hands without the whole thing collapsing on the second bite. They had run out of pickle when we went in (they make their own. drool) but had put some kind of pickled cucumber-y tasting thing in the burger that I really enjoyed.




Big Cheese Burger (£7.50)


The cluckin BLT seemed to impress my friend in equal measure. The chicken meat was flavoursome and a match with the bacon & the salsa verde provided a lovely contrast.




Cluckin BLT burger (£7.50)



Our two sides of fries – one maldon sea salt & one cheese – were really well made delicious chips. They were fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside and I suspect that they are triple cooked. They tasted so good that I don’t really care but just don’t ever tell me how many calories are in them.




Cheesey chips (£2.50)


Maldon Sea Salt chips (£2.00)


By this stage I had calmed down, nerves were all gone and I was stuffed. I may have been full but there was no way that I was leaving without trying the burger & shake dessert. It arrives on a wee tray with a small tonka bean shake on one side & a macaroon on the other. The macaroon is dressed like a burger with the macaroon being the bun, chocolate ganache being the burger, raspberry coulis ketchup & passionfruit gel as a cheese slice. It looks cute as a button when it arrives and it’s yummy.




Burger & shake dessert (£5)


I like the quirky decor mixed with their minimalist vibe – on the back of a booth was cows in grass, there is a giant BMB logo on the wall and a lovely quote on another wall.








After scoffing all of that food we sat and weighed up the place. Our burgers were £7.50 and normal chips are £2 so essentially it’s £9.50 for burger & chips – not very dear and that’s before taking into account that they are making the buns and everything fresh with top quality ingredients. We stuck to soft drinks this time but I have read that the cocktails are nice but small so I’ll try one out next time. Other than that my only gripe is that I personally would like to see full size shakes on the drinks menu. There’s nothing better than a strawberry shake with a juicy burger.



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