Eatfilm At Sloans

Sloans have started doing film nights on Tuesdays where they play a film on the big screen in the gorgeous ballroom & give you some yummy food for £12.95 for two people. You have to book in advance – we unfortunately found this out when we missed Grease – as the tickets go quickly.











When we arrived on Tuesday we had a drink in the bar before going upstairs at 6.30pm for film time. The ballroom was laid out with small round tables all facing a very big screen & each table had a name on it. We liked this idea because it means no scrambling to get closest to Mr Swayze! Luckily, our table was front row with only a sofa in front of us so we were very pleased. I don’t know if the sofa can be booked by request but I’d love to go back and curl up on one of the sofas next time.


IMG_0395Back of the ballroom

The staff came around each table for drink orders & then for food orders. You can choose between their famous Macaroni cheese with fries, chilli beef nachos or a hot dog with fries. Sloans does one of my favourite macaroni cheese recipes so there was no contest for me. The food came swiftly & we chatted happily whilst eating.



Mac N Cheese

Staff started clearing plates away when people finished (the food service seemed to go from front of the room getting food first to back of the room) & once everyone had finished and cleared we were told that the film would start shortly. This notice should have made me go to the toilet but I never thought & ended up nipping out during the film. We were told that every table has a food & drink tab and any further desserts or drinks are to be ordered at the bar. We both ordered profiteroles with chocolate sauce (yum) but cheesecake was also on offer. The desserts for for both of us were only £4.25 so excellent value for money.



The big screen


We settled into watching Dirty Dancing and before I knew it the film was finished & we all had that feel good factor that only some films can provide. It made me laugh that everybody was smiling when the “nobody puts baby in the corner” line was coming up.

As soon as the credits rolled our bill was put on the table & people started to head downstairs. Overall, the service was slick from start to finish & they seem to have the operation fine tuned.

We thought it was a great girly night & we’ll be keeping an eye out for films coming up that we want to relive.





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