The Hope Bar Official Launch Night

I was invited to new bar The Hope’s launch night last week in Glasgow so grabbed a friend and off we went. The bar is Maclay Inns latest venture and will be their 8th pub/bar in the city. I have previously drank in Dram, The Lee, The Bank & The Lansdowne and have been meaning to try out the newest one in the group. The Hope is located right next to Central Station and just off, you’ve guessed it, Hope Street. It was teeming down with rain but luckily it was warm inside & we were welcomed with a glass of fizz so all felt right again.


We arrived a 15 minutes late so never got a seat and missed the first lot of food – lesson learned for next time. Luckily the booze was flowing and they were handing round some pretty tasty gin & tonics. We took in our surroundings as we drank and decided that we liked the decor, especially the lights.


We managed to grab some bread, olives & hummus from a table so that we had something to soak the gin up but we needn’t have worried as food then began to be brought round on trays. We had spicy chicken sliders, beef sliders (no sauce or relish though!), spoons of prawn cocktail and chicken skewers.


The bar was busy and had a good atmosphere – I imagine that it will be packed on Friday & Saturdays. After a while we managed to bag a seat and then we spotted desserts coming out. We were not expecting dessert so our faces lit up at the prospect of something sweet to go with our drinks.



The invite-only launch night was being held at the back of the bar but the front of the bar was still busy, especially for a Thursday night. Again, we really liked the decor and I’m starting to feel old on account of how much I noticed & liked the lights! They were very pretty in my defence. I can report that the toilets were nice too – there’s nothing worse in a bar than bad toilets.



They do cocktails too so I’ll be back soon to try them out with the girls.


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