The Tea Rooms Give Afternoon Tea A Vintage Kick

I had never had a proper afternoon tea until a few years ago but once I tried it I was hooked. I am now the proud owner of not one, but two, tiered cake stands that I really should use more often. It’s a delightfully girly activity that I tend to do when friends or family are visiting Glasgow & there are a few places here that I’d recommend but I’ll save that for another time. Last month my sister in-law was over so we went to The Tea Rooms at The Butterfly & The Pig on Bath Street. I was here for a hen night earlier in the year & we had a grand time. The Tea Rooms is about half way along Bath Street just above The Butterfly & The Pig pub. If you fancy hot food instead of sandwiches then I have also eaten downstairs and the fish cake was lovely. Both places have a quirky feel to them with lots of old mismatched furniture, crockery & decoration. Having developed a bit of a vintage look obsession in the lead up to my wedding, this suits me down to the ground. It has quite an informal feel to the place so you don’t need to dress up, which makes it perfect for a mid-shopping lunch.




The building itself is very Glasgow in its tenement style and high ceilings. We were sat at the back of the room and there was a gorgeous old staircase above us with a beautiful window at the top.




We went in for afternoon tea so we never even looked at the menu but, having been in before, they have a good selection of breakfast items, soups, sandwiches, savoury tart and they do high tea later on. The afternoon tea is priced at £12.50 per person or you can pay an extra £3.50 to have a glass of prosecco with it. If you want something fancier they also do it served with a glass of Moet for £20 per person. We just went for the tea option because we were chilly and wanted a nice cup of tea to warm us up. Some soft drinks were also ordered and they arrived straight away but our tea never came with them. I was freezing cold so I ended up asking for it but I think they must bring it out when your food is coming so next time I’ll ask for it when I order.




Our food arrived quickly and we surveyed our feast – a mixture of sandwiches, cakes, scones, oaties and some crisps. I love the pickled cucumber that comes with it – I even made some a few days afterwards at home. Last time the oatcakes had come with smoked salmon on them but neither of us are keen on smoked salmon so we asked if we could have anything else in place of it and they gave us chicken with some chutney. They were surprisingly filling but a great start to the gluttony that is afternoon tea!




We had made some changes to the sandwiches but, if I remember correctly, they usually give you a selection of coronation chicken, ham and cheese, roast beef, egg and tuna. The bread was thick and soft and the fillings were plentiful with lots of flavour & they were seasoned well.




We never finished all of the sandwiches because we wanted to try the cakes before we got too full. We sliced the cakes up so that we could try a little of each. First we had blueberry scone with jam and cream – I had never tried blueberry scone but I liked it so much that I’ve been looking up recipes. The courgette and pistachio cake was moist & flavoursome and the cherry & almond slice was rich. I never tried the walnut one but Steph said it was delicious. There was a chocolate cupcake but the cake slices were definitely the winners on our table because they were so moist all the way through.




Our waitress offered to box up anything that we did not eat – a welcome touch that brightened up our elevensies the next day. Even when they take you the bill they keep it in-keeping with the theme of the place.




I’m looking forward to going back soon for some of that courgette cake – it’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

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