Street Feastival Pops Up Glasgow Gems

Sometimes there are so many things going on in Glasgow that I feel frustrated that I have to work because it means missing out on them. It can be pop up shops, pop up foodie places, SECC delights, George Square tent events… you name it and I’ll want to go. I have managed two out of my top four December events so far (the St Enoch Christmas market and Street Feastival) so that is just leaving Street Food Cartel, that unfortunately I won’t make it to this time, and ice-skating on George Square. It was my first time at Glasgow Street Feastival – a pop up weekend mini-festival that is a celebration of good food, drink and music – but it won’t be my last.




This time the feastival was being held at The Barras Art & Design Centre which is not far from the city centre. I have been to the Barras for gigs before and to the market but had no idea where the art & design centre was. It turned out we weren’t the only ones as we met a couple looking for the same event. Trusty google maps pointed us in the right direction – a block behind The Barrowland Ballrooms and near the ice-cream shop – so we did not walk around for too long. There was a £2 entry fee at the door and they give your hand a stamp so you can go in and out as you please. The venue was a kind of indoors/outdoors mesh with no door and a high roof so it was chilly but inside enough to protect us from any rain. The pink light hue and funky music was enough to transport your mind to being in the middle of a field with a night of camping ahead!




The first thing we did was visit the bar because I had heard through social media that they had mulled wine and, being December, it was freezing. They had run out of mulled wine by the time we arrived at 7pm on the Saturday (sob) so I went for hot cider instead but it was sickly sweet and I ended up discarding it and having a cold wine. Mr S enjoyed a couple of pints of Heverlee beer and we walked around all of the food vendors to see what was on offer. So La Ti Dough had a mobile pizza oven and were churning out some cracking looking pizzas then the cheesesteak & pomegranate lamb caught my eye at Roast. Habibi Kitchen had veggie stew & lamb kofta on offer as well as some sweet things. Then there was Fino Rotunda, who had a massive pan of paella as well as chorizo & tortilla espanola. Next to this Dear Green coffee roasters were keeping everyone warm and Nucoco Chocolate had chocolate fondue with marshmallows & salted crisps among other things. Breaking Bad had more lamb and falafel & Smokey & The Bandit were serving pulled pork rolls.  Harajuku Kitchen were supposed to be at the feastival with some Japanese treats but we never saw them so I’m not sure if they had already left or if we were just too focused on all the lamb. I had a look on their Twitter feed and there was no mention of it so I am going with the already left or were never there option. Finally, Smoak was dishing out chipotle beef burritos, having run out of pig cheek burritos, with chocolate pretzel for afters.


We decided to get a pizza to share from So Ti La Dough and then see how we got on. The carnivores choice was salami and italian sausage topped with rocket and it was a tasty pizza. I have never had such a crispy well-cooked pizza outside of a restaurant and would have loved this back in my Rockness camping days. The toppings were tasty and it was a great start to our night.




I have been wanting to try Smoak for a long time now so this was our next stop. I had seen the menu on Twitter and decided on pig cheek burrito but they had run out so we went for the chipotle beef burrito instead. This was no normal burrito – the Aberdeen Angus slow cooked beef was incredibly tasty with lots of pico de gallo, green rice, black beans, sour cream aioli and monterey jack cheese to complete the wrap. Mr S was pleased to say the least.



£6 (photo is of half of the burrito)


Finally I wanted to try Roast’s slow roasted pomegranate pulled lamb with mint yoghurt & pomegranate seeds because I am always drawn to pomegranate flavoured food. The lamb was so richly flavoured with the refreshing yoghurt complementing it & the homemade flatbread held it all without breaking up. The pomegranate seeds gave a nice juicy crunch almost – if Roast sell this every day then I’ll soon be a regular.





We had planned to share a dessert  but Mr S is allergic to nuts & most of the desserts contained nuts. There were a couple without nuts but none of them appealed to me so we decided to leave the eating at that.




My only negatives were that they ran out of mulled wine & that a few of the dishes sounded quite similar (lots of lamb and nuts) so there would have been a better selection if it had been co-ordinated between sellers. The event had a great vibe with everyone enjoying themselves and tapping their feet to the music. I thought the Street Feastival was terrific and I’d love to go back with a group of friends. Now just to get someone to take me ice-skating and my December is complete.


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