Grill On The Corner’s Sunday Roast

A Sunday roast is probably my favourite meal – it’s one of the only meals that can evoke feelings of comfort, stability and contentment. It reminds me of when I was a child at home with the fire roaring, rain lashing down outside & us all inside laughing and spending quality time together. A year or so ago, Mr S and I both had a Sunday off work and I fancied a roast dinner minus the work so started looking online for places in the centre that did a tasty roast. There was a serious lack of information online for this and I ended up asking my facebook friends. One of them recommended Grill On The Corner on Bothwell Street, which is owned by Blackhouse. I looked at their website & there was a big photo with thick slices of pink beef. I phoned straight away and booked a table & I’ve been several times since.




The restaurant has lots of fairy lights down the windows and is modern inside but not pretentious. I had booked a table and we arrived a little early to get out of the downpour but we were quickly shown to our seats. We knew from the offset that we wanted the Sunday roast so we just had to choose between the beef, chicken or pork. Since Grill On The Corner are beef experts, we both chose the beef. In the interest of keeping everybody happy they let you choose between having your roast medium or well-done.




Your meat of choice is served with roast potatoes, carrot & swede mash, buttery shredded cabbage, yorkshire pudding all smothered in gravy.




The dish is a fabulous example of a roast dinner – crispy potatoes, buttery veg, plenty of meat and gravy made from the meat juices. I really enjoyed it and my friend did too. My only negative is that there is too much on the plate – I would rather the veg is served in another dish so there is more space for cutting. It is well worth the £12.95 price tag.

We decided to look at the sweet menu and I went for another tradition of sticky toffee pudding. They serve it with a creamy vanilla ice-cream and it was a classic comfort food dish.




My friend ordered the rhubarb fool, which came with honey & ginger feuilles de brick. It was an impressive looking dessert and had a creamy layer, a jelly layer and a fruit layer. She thought that it was a bit tart for her taste but nice nevertheless.




In my experience, the service in here is friendly and efficient. I feel genuinely sorry for them that the company makes them take a tablet over to their customers for feedback on their meal. I always think its a pointless exercise because any server with half a brain isn’t going to take it over to a disgruntled customer so it is not a true representation. In my eyes a simple comment card on the table is acceptable but this new ‘we must waste our customers time getting feedback’ thing is just irritating.




I wouldn’t want to leave it on a bad note though because we really enjoyed our lunch & the guy that served us was very sweet. There’s no doubt that I will come back here, both for steak and another roast dinner. I know from experience that the cocktails are scrummy and they do a rich bottle of Malbec that is calling me back.

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