Chip Brasserie

I remember as a teenager being told about The Ubiquitous Chip after the Interior Designer at my parents work took a client there. The food sounded expensive but magnificent, scary but brave and over everything else it sounded like an experience rather than a meal. This piqued my interest even back then. Fast forward to a few years ago when I started working, and drinking, in the west end of Glasgow. The Chip was a whole new place to me – somewhere far more casual than I’d expected that I would go for a gin or glass of wine after work because it stays open later. It was not until a year and a half ago when I had my first meal in The Chip Brasserie that I remembered how magical I had thought it sounded as a teenager. I can still remember the pigs cheeks I had on that visit in their rich jus – my mouth is watering.
We enjoyed it so much that we booked The Chip restaurant for our Christmas Eve meal 2012 & it was every bit the experience that I’d wanted it to be.
At the end of last year a friend and I visited the brasserie again as a post Pilates treat (yes, I am that kind of exerciser that I need a treat afterwards) and I then decided that it is firmly one of my Glasgow favourites.




The Chip are now in their 43rd year of trading so they must be doing something right. It is multi-faceted with the posh restaurant, not quite casual brasserie, upstairs pub where you can also order from the brasserie menu for a more laid-back occasion, downstairs mainly standing traditional pub and the wee chip (round the corner but still the same building) that reminds me of a nicer old mans watering hole. My only complaint is that they share the same four ladies toilets – not my idea of fun on a stowed Saturday night. It’s such an old building that they are working with that I half forgive them but the drinks aren’t cheap so it really should be addressed.



Anyway, back to our brasserie treat night. We opted to forgo starters and all the mains sounded nice. I’d heard their haggis was worth trying and the mullet special used some of my favourite ingredients but I chose the pheasant special because it was similar to what Mr S had when we dined in the restaurant and I had been quite jealous of him when I tasted it.

Tender breast meat & earthy spelt and root veg casserole with a sherry gravy – it was the most Scottish dish I’d had all year. If I was Greg from Masterchef I would have said that it took me in from the cold like a big hug and it was solid cooking.


Pheasant £12.95

Pheasant £12.95


My friend tried the chicken, not because they are unadventurous, but because if the description of the roasted Ayrshire chicken breast dish on the menu translated then it was going to be a less than average choice. And it did. Phew.


Chicken £13.95

Chicken, turned potatoes, spinach, corn £13.95


Our first dessert was from the specials menu. As soon as I saw chocolate ganache I was having it but the dish was more than just ganache. Malt cream, milk gel and chocolate ganache were accompanied with chocolate crumble – very indulgent. For such a chocolately dish it was not horribly sweet or cloying, I was really pleased with it.


Ganache, malt cream, milk gel & chocolate crumble £5.45

Ganache, malt cream, milk gel & chocolate crumble £5.45



The chocolate tart, burnt orange sorbet & chocolate sauce was sublime. especially the sorbet. It was one of those desserts that you want to make lots of enjoying noises whilst you’re eating but remind yourself that you’re in public so you just make faces instead.


Chocolate Tart £5.45

Chocolate Tart £5.45


The presentation for each dish is carefully thought out to make you want to dive in, although sometimes I feel bad ruining such a pretty plate. I’m surprised none of the staff came over to check everything was okay with us just staring at the food.

I have always found the staff friendly and this visit was no exception. Our waitress was on hand when we needed her but was also happy to let us sit chatting for a while after eating.


We got gift vouchers for The Chip for Christmas so we’ll be heading back soon but we can’t decide whether it will be to the restaurant or brasserie…there are worst decisions in life to make I guess!




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      1. Try Ross’s pub in Mitchell Lane. A good big main course will set you back between 6 and 7 pounds and there is karaoke on Thursday-Sunday nights.

        About 20 of us were there last Saturday and had a great time – eating, singing and drinking.

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