A Wee Film At The Grosvenor

It was Valentines weekend, the in-laws were down and we had the Saturday free. They’ve been to most of the touristy stuff down here now and the weather was not on our side so we decided to go to the cinema. We had been meaning to try out The Grosvenor cinema on Ashton Lane for a while so we booked tickets online and ventured west.

The cinema is well placed and surrounded by bars and restaurants on the lane and Hillhead for pre or post movie indulgence. It is also two minutes walk from Hillhead underground making it convenient for those who can’t afford to live in this swanky area.


I love the look of this place and it’s so nice to see a cinema not from a big chain. The entrance foyer is tiny but crammed full with sweeties, crisps and drinks. They even sell a wide range of alcohol for you to sup whilst enjoying the movie. When we were queuing I noticed that there is a door attaching it to it’s sister venue The Lane and they do cinema, wine and dinner deals where you can take your wine from the bar through to the cinema afterwards. I found the whole experience more relaxing and ‘west end-y’ I guess. There was a bit of a wait to collect the tickets that we’d booked online because two films were starting close together and the same tills are used for tickets as they are for food and drinks.


Price-wise I have done a comparison with nearby cinemas to check value. Based on an adults ticket on a Saturday afternoon Cineworld on Renfrew Street costs £9.10, Odeon at the Quay is £9 and The Grosvenor is £9.20. Not bad for an independent cinema in the West End.


We went to see Dallas Buyers Club (emotional with Oscar worthy performances from McConaghey and Leto) and this was in screen two. Walking to the screen I felt like I was going down secret passages out of a scene of the Burrowers. It amazed me that there is so much space back there considering it backs into the shops and restaurants of Buyers Road. Screen two was a small room with comfy leather seats. In between every two seats there was a narrow shelf table to put drinks onto. The back row of the cinema has sofas all along it which you can pay a bit extra for (£16pp ticket price). This is my kind of cinema – a comfy sofa to lounge on, a glass of wine and a blockbuster.


I was trying to take a few sneaky photos at the end of the film once everyone else had left so I could give a better idea of size and the seats so forgive the terrible photos.


I found it a pleasant place to sit and watch a movie except it was a tiny bit cold for my liking. I will certainly be going back – I can’t believe that I’ve missed out on going here all my years so far in Glasgow. In addition, supporting an independent cinema felt good and it seems to be much loved by the locals. Long live The Grosvenor.


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