The Delightful Fish People Cafe

I wrote about The Fish People Cafe last year here:

I am not going to do a full review on my visit to The Fish People Cafe this time because it doesn’t seem that long since the last time. I am going to post photos to show off the food and make you want to go there. It is safe to say that I loved it as much as last time.

To start I had a special from the blackboard – shell on crevettes, garlic, thyme and blackbean butter. This was my favourite dish of the night.

Crevettes special

Crevettes special

The other starter was shrimp cocktail with puy lentils, tarragon and lime.

Shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail

I then had baked fillet of grey sole with caper and dill creme fraiche and chips.



I suspect the wonderfully crispy chips were triple cooked.


There was a heroic plate of hand dived barra scallops with apple salad, honey, ginger and lime.


We went for ice-cream desserts looking for something lighter but we got some special desserts indeed.
The toasted coconut ice-cream with roast pineapple, mango and lime was like a caribbean dessert cocktail.


Thorntonhall cream ice-cream with puff candy and bitter chocolate sauce was the perfect end to my meal.


What a wonderful place The Fish People Cafe is – it makes it into my top 5 favourite Glasgow restaurants.

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    1. I love the place Bex. I went in again on Tuesday night and had a delicious scallop salad but I’m not doing a post on it because I’ve already done 2!
      It is in a strange location but we just have a drink in town then jump on the tube to Shields Road and it’s next to it. Would highly recommend it:)

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