Our Return To Kuramathi: Could It Get Any Better?

To get new followers up to speed, my husband & I went to Kuramathi Island in the Maldives for our 2011 honeymoon and you can read about it here https://girlaroundglasgow.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/honeymoon-of-our-dreams-the-maldives-2011-trip-report/

We had the most amazing time on honeymoon and could not stop thinking about it so we started saving to go back. This time we managed to persuade my brother in-law and sister in-law S & J to meet us there, not that it took much persuasion! They are still living in Australia and the Maldives is almost (ish) in the middle of Oz and the UK so it worked out well. I won’t repeat the points my last post on Kuramathi so have a read of it first if you want some background information.



Last time we visited in August and this time we were there at the start of November. There was a bit more rain this time but nothing that distracted us from the holiday and it seems like the weather does not really follow a pattern over there so it’s hard to predict. Except from that, we noticed baby sharks and dragonflies – neither of which we noticed in August. We also took the boat to the island instead of the sea plane and, although it was not as exciting, the boat journey was fine and we slept most of the way.

The baby shark that swam in front of our villa the whole time we were there

The baby shark that swam in front of our villa the whole time we were there


If I could afford to go to Kuramathi every year then I would. It sounds cliché but as soon as I stepped off the boat I felt instantly relaxed and happy. I had e-mailed in advance asking for a villa near to where we were last time & when we checked in we were told that we were staying in a villa two doors down from it. They had also made sure that the two villas were beside each other – excellent customer service.


Hardly any photos were taken as I took many photos last time and I decided to just savour the moments as much as possible. My brother in-law has a Go-Pro camera so managed to get some amazing underwater shots on our snorkelling adventures. And we had many snorkelling adventures this time, feeling braver and more knowledgeable than in 2011. In fact, 70% of my photographs from the holiday were of animals due to all the beautiful creatures you see out there. Last time we had a lizard that scuttled around our garden and outside shower that we named Bernard and this time was no different – always there to say hello.

Good Morning Bernard

Good Morning Bernard

The hermit crabs were great to watch too if you are patient and still enough so that they will come out of their shell.



This is my favourite land animal photo of the holiday – look at the colours on him.




A favourite moment of mine of the holiday was showing S & J the Laguna bar jetty for the first time. It took our breath away and they looked equally as impressed even although they had seen our photographs.


Laguna Bar Jetty

Laguna Bar Jetty


Arriving at lunchtime, we went straight to our buffet restaurant for some real food after our plane meals. Our waiter, Shareef, instantly recognised us and met us with a beaming smile. Every morning he greeted us by name & made sure that we were well catered for. He made us feel so welcome and is my favourite waiter ever anywhere, a true asset to Kuramathi. Gladys has unfortunately left but we met April, who became our favourite female member of staff.


We were select all-inclusive again and ate in every restaurant except from the Tandoor Mahal. The Reef became a firm favourite with their fresh fish, sizzling hotplate steak and Australian lamb. We tried out the new restaurant, Duniye, but it was a mixed review. The service was attentive but it was so hot in the restaurant because it was in the middle of the island. We enjoyed the ceps risotto, pigeon, veal and wagyu beef but weren’t so keen on the fois gras starter and chicken breast. Saying that, we certainly still enjoyed the meal but just not as much as the Reef.



The fish at the Reef was a treat and there is a massive selection to choose from. I’d highly recommend the lobster chowder to start.




The main highlight of the holiday for me was the snorkelling. We went much further out and learnt how to use the channels properly. The four of us were astounded by all of the different types and how many fish we saw. Big shoals of bright colours that barely moved as you swam towards them. As with much of the experiences on the island, you cannot convey the beauty and colours in photographs but they give an idea of what we saw.




On our third day we snorkelled right along the reef side of the island and came across a warm area of water. The next thing we saw a black tipped reef shark swim past (not unusual and they just ignore you) but then we saw another, and another until there were 7 or 8 of them around us. They weren’t circling us menacingly, we had simply swam into their hot area, but it felt like everything else had stopped except from us watching these striking creatures.



My favourite fish were the Picasso Trigger fish and the Parrot fish.




The question that most people ask is what did we do all day but there are numerous things to do and time really does go quickly in the Maldives because everyone is so chilled out. A typical day could be book dinner restaurant, breakfast, snorkelling, shower, lunch, walk along the sandbank, quick cocktail, nap, watching stingray feeding, dinner then drinks watching a live band. For those wanting activity there is football, tennis courts, a gym, table tennis, 2 swimming pools, table football, diving courses, aqua sports, nature walks but we were just fascinated by the island itself, favouring walking round exploring over those things. The spa is fantastic and some treatment rooms look out over the Indian Ocean.








For those who are planning a Maldives holiday, your must haves are short dresses to throw over your bikini (it is too hot for long dresses even at night), strong mosquito repellent, US dollars for tipping, a credit card to settle your room bill extras, flip-flops, sunglasses and plenty of camera batteries. Don’t bother bringing high heels or really fancy clothes because you’ll never wear them. In my opinion the only people that the Maldives would not suit is people that are scared of water.

Not it is back to dreaming about going back again. Off to buy a lottery ticket!




Thanks to my brother in-law for his fantastic go-pro photos and to Paula from Holidays Please for all her knowledge & help with booking this amazing trip.






  1. Oh this makes me want to go diving again! Have been lucky enough to go to the Maldives twice before (got engaged on Eriyadu!) and I just love the relaxed vibe and sealife. Love your pictures! 🙂

    1. Thanks, its amazing in the Maldives isn’t it? We went for a ‘once in a lifetime’ but did it twice and we’d go back tomorrow if we could.
      Have you done a post on it? I’d love to read it x

      1. My very first post mentions it (since my blog started life all about my wedding) http://olivedragonfly.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/how-frenzy-began.html and I added a few more pictures here http://olivedragonfly.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/my-1st-panorama.html and here… http://olivedragonfly.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/eriyadu-maldives.html 🙂

        We’re trying to book a holiday at the moment and have no idea where to book! Maldives sadly out of budget this time since we’re moving to Brighton in the summer.

        1. My wordpress app won’t let me click on the links but I’m looking forward to reading them on the laptop after work.
          We’re heading to Kassiopi in Greece this year. It’s our first time in Greece so fingers crossed. Then at the top of my wish list are Mexico & Italy but I don’t know when because my mum has booked us for a family holiday next year. Meant to be saving for a deposit for a house (we bought our flat shared equity) but I’m terrible at saving!

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