Edinburgh is a city that baffles me. The rated restaurants are so far away from the train stations and I can never find the shops that I’m looking for. Everything is so spaced out but there’s no underground to connect it. I’m undecided if the city is actually as confusing as I feel or if it’s just that I’m so used to knowing where things are in Glasgow that I turn into an old frustrated wifey when I step off the train. I also generally arrive in Edinburgh hungry and devoid of the energy needed to sail uphill to my destination. Luckily my resident Edinburger friend knows where she is going so I didn’t end up doing a full-on hike to Vittoria’s On The Bridge.




Those native to Edinburgh have probably heard of Vittoria’s since there are two of them and the Vittoria group also have another three restaurants in the city. So I was bound to try one of them soon and we decided on the restaurant on the George IV bridge.

After the thousand steps of our journey, I needed some comfort. I was so glad that we’d picked an Italian for dinner tonight. My companion, Miss Edinburgh, had been to Vittoria’s in Leith & was signed up to their mailing list so had a 50% off food voucher for us to use so we booked it. We enquired about what it could be used on but we were told we needed a Vittoria’s card to use it. After reading through the terms & conditions of the offer and it saying nothing about a card, we spoke to the waiter again and managed to get it sorted. Now that was out of the way we could order.

An appetiser of arancini was ordered – rice balls made with mozzarella and bolognese sauce that came with rocket and arrabiata dip. They were crunchy on the outside as they should be and laced with mozzarella inside. I had ordered them because I was interested in tasting the difference between arancini that I’ve had before and Vittoria’s bolognese addition. It lacked the strength of flavour that I was expecting so if I go back I’ll try focaccia or calamari instead.


Arancini £5.45

Arancini £5.45


We shared a pizza and pasta for our main course to get the best of both worlds. The menu is massive so to make things easier we went for their signature pasta. Tagliatelle Vittoria was pasta in a sauce of tomato, spicy sausage, mushroom, onion, mincemeat and cream. The menu says it’s their best seller and I can see why. I thought the combination of flavours worked well and the dish was tasty.

Veering from traditional Italian, we chose the Hawaii pizza to join the pasta. Ham & pineapple may not be gourmet gastronomy but for some reason it works if you are in the mood for it. There were much classier choices but we fancied an old school choice. The base was thin, crispy edges, lots of cheese (probably too much but we did want comfort) and the toppings were delish. It was a high standard of what I think as British Italian pizza – too much cheese, sauce and toppings to be found in Naples so it is a British adaptation of the classic.


Hawaii Pizza £9.95 & Tagliatelle Vittoria £10.50

Hawaii Pizza £9.95 & Tagliatelle Vittoria £10.50


Our half price food voucher made this the cheapest meal I’ve had in a while but I would have not grudged paying full price. Our shaky start with the voucher mix up and a menu that is frankly overwhelming were replaced with thoughts of a solid classic Italian.



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