Brel Brilliant

Glasgow has many bars and pubs that sell food. I can be sceptical about the food in these places because in my head lots of them buy in frozen junk that they pass off as food instead of whipping up something delicious. The first time that I can remember having truly great food in a pub was when I was in London staying with friends. The Earl Spencer in Southfields was like one of these ‘gastropubs’ I’d seen on the telly & I was pleased as punch sitting with my half kilo of shell on fresh prawns. I returned to Glasgow thinking how amazing it would be to live in London with places like that to eat. All I want from a pub that sells food is high quality. A full on ‘Gastropub’ with a seasonal menu would be nicer but I’ll settle for pleasant surroundings, quality beers on tap & food that is better than average. Fast forward a few years, a change in ownership and the new improved Brel emerges on Ashton Lane.



After eating at Brel years back and thinking it was okay but not enough to make me go back, Brel would not have been on my radar. But then I was invited to a night to celebrate the new menu that I couldn’t make but the other bloggers photos looked delicious. So I put it on my list & we went along one night after work.

The mussels came recommended so Mr S & I decided to share a starter portion in a smoked bacon, caramelised onions, white wine and cream sauce. They were certainly the best mussels I’ve had this year, if not longer. The sauce was delicious and there was bread for dipping. We both said that we need to go back soon just for a big pot of mussels. Probably better that they stop serving food around 10pm because otherwise we’d all be leaving working and having late night mussel snacks.




Mr S chose the ribs for his main but regretted it afterwards. Not because they weren’t nice – he just said that ribs taste almost the same wherever you go – but because the mussels had been so good that he wish he’d ordered them.





I was curious about the slow cooked brisket of beef, seared skirt steak, pancetta and dauphinoise potato so I ordered it. I don’t know which chef thought up the idea of having slow cooked brisket on the same plate as medium rare skirt steak but I would be ecstatic if they could come to my house & sort my dinner out tonight.



£12.95 (comes with potato dauphinoise)



I went through a stage last year when every meal out that I had was so fabulous that I worried that I’d lowered my standards but I broke that streak recently with some just okay meals. Luckily, Brel has now broken this trend and exceeded my expectations.

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