Tea Etiquette At Eteaket

I popped through to Edinburgh last month to meet a friend and we ended up at Eteaket for lunch. It’s a modern tearoom on Frederick Street and they also sell their own branded tea.
We both chose the high tea, which consisted of half a sandwich with a fruit scone, a little cake and a tea of your choice. It was nice to see this because sometimes afternoon tea is just too much food.
As we waited for our choices we couldn’t help notice how busy the place was. The door was opening non-stop with people coming in for tables and some groups were turned away because they did not have the capacity to accept them.




The tea menu has a whopping 47 choices that include black, white, green, oolong, rooibos, fruit, herbal, chai and flowering teas. We chose the silver needle white tea (white won a great taste award 2012) and a cranberry apple fruit tea. Each one comes in its own teapot with a brew timer for the perfect strength. The tea leaves are in a removable basket so, once your timer is up, you lift the leaves out to stop it gaining strength. I have never seen strainer baskets like that before and I was tempted to buy one on our way out.




Our lunch arrived fairly quickly and our sandwiches were on soft bread with lots of filling. There was a big fruit scone and a mini fruit tart. The scone came with a pot of jam and a pot of clotted cream but could have done with being a bit softer.




We sat with our tea for an hour chatting away until the rain stopped. After a quick browse around their tea related products for sale, we walked towards Stockbridge market. It is just a small market but had a good selection of fish, meat, fruit & veg and so on, as well as stalls selling street food.




I’ve never been to Stockbridge so we wandered through the streets and I spotted The Scran & Scallie – Tom Kitchin’s pub that is on my to do list. Hopefully I’ll be writing about The Scran & Scallie sometime this year. I’m making my way around Edinburgh!


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