Shop Local With Original T

Supporting local businesses has always been very important to me. My parents run a local business in Inverness & I’ve grown up watching them put their life and soul into doing so.
I generally think of supporting local as going to my local fishmonger, butcher, greengrocer, florist, dry cleaners, newsagent, curtain maker, baker and so on but there are hidden ways to do it too. I recently came across a Glasgow company called Original T, run by an ex Glasgow Academy student. Relying on word of mouth and social media to spread the word, David Brown started the business from his bedroom.




There are times when I think I could do things better myself (i.e make trousers from women with short legs!) & make throwaway comments about starting a business but 26 year old David actually did. He was disappointed by companies selling printed t-shirts – the pixelated images, short-term quality, terrible colours & sizing and high costs for shoddy work so he did something about it. The first step was to set up an easy to use website ( to get orders in. You can buy t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers and bags designed how you want them. Quality is key so he bought a direct to garment digital printer that prints at double the resolution of most places. They focus on higher quality so a longer lasting product and hope that this will bring people back again and again.




Orders are generally shipped in 3-5 days or you can do Glasgow pick-up for those last minute ideas. It all starts with a photo or design that you want to wear or you can choose from a selection on their website. They can do one t-shirt or more if you need – I automatically think of hen parties but it could be anything. It’s no surprise that I love the nessie baby grow below as a highland girl.


Some t-shirts/hoodies that they have printed

Some t-shirts/hoodies that they have printed


You might have already seen some Original T’s out and about in places like Soul Barber Room, The Brunswick Hotel & Bikram Yoga Glasgow, where they have printed corporate orders for.


Brunswick Hotel Staff

Brunswick Hotel Staff


In fact, they just finished an order for Johnnie Walker for 150 t-shirts. To celebrate the re-launch of Johnnie Walker red label, the folks there asked Original T to design some t’s for them and this is one of them…




There is a ‘collections’ section on the website for designers to sell their own designs for a commission. Great for new designers wanting to get exposure and for those customers wanting a more individual design.


There’s been a few times when I have got photos printed for hen parties and such so I’m happy that I’ve now found a local business to do it for me. Support local!


N.B I contacted David after seeing a friend in one of his t-shirts & decided to write about it. I received no payment for this post.



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