I’m Racing… For Life

Next Sunday is the Glasgow 5K women’s only Race For Life. Basically hundreds of ladies, usually dressed in pink, bother people they know for sponsor money, do lots of practice runs & complete a 5K course in the centre of Glasgow. Race For Life is the biggest ladies only fundraising event in the UK. You can walk, jog or run but I will be doing something between a jog and a run. In fact, let’s be honest, maybe more of a red faced, arms flailing jog.

I had been planning on doing a 10K this year but the one I wanted to do coincides with my holiday. Then a lovely chap from I-Prospect got in touch with me through the blog saying that Scottish Power would like to invite me to do the Glasgow Race For Life 5K. Those fantastic people at Scottish Power are donating £250 sponsor money to Cancer Research UK for me doing the race. Best incentive I’ve ever had!

2010 Race For Life

So now it’s a mad scramble to go out running as much as I can before the big day. I have run this race three times previously so I know what to expect & unless they have changed the route I know where I’m going. It starts at Glasgow Green & goes up High Street, along Argyle Street then up Glassford Street and goes over George Square. After pelting down Buchanan Street it is back on to Argyle Street & over the Clyde to The Gorbals. Eventually we come back to Glasgow Green at the opposite side where there is lots of cheering to spur you on for that last bit of the race.

It is a fantastic event because it raises so much money for cancer research but also because it gets so many people out running. The atmosphere on the day is always electric – a flurry of excitable, upbeat females determined to finish the race in the best time that they can.

It’s not too late to sign up ladies – still one week to go. For my Inverness followers the 5K Race For Life is on the 25th of May so there’s plenty of time to get signed up and practicing. You can also download the app so you can keep track of how much you’ve raised so far.


If you are running the race then Scottish Power are doing a High Five Wave, in which they are donating £30,000 to Cancer Research. You can find their Facebook page here so even if you aren’t running then please like the page to spread the word. You can hashtag it on twitter as #high5wave

If you want to sponsor my efforts then I appreciate every penny. You can do this here

I hope to finish in about 35 minutes so here’s hoping & thanks for the continued support. I’ll keep you posted!

For further information on Race For Life please click on this link.



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