I Raced… For Life

You can find my pre-run background post here.

I almost wish that Race For Life (maybe £10 entry instead of sponsored, don’t worry people) was on more regularly because there is no better incentive to do some exercise. My brain goes from ‘maybe I should go out for a run’ to ‘I’m doing a 5k soon, I need to go out running today’ and I need that push, believe me. I ran the Glasgow Race For Life 5K on Sunday and finished it in 31 minutes! I’m proud of myself to finish in 31 minutes with such little training due to signing up so late.

Mr S came to support me on the day and we walked down to the race because it is not too far from our flat. He was surprisingly cheery considering it was such an early start and it was nice to have some support. I had my pink glove all ready to do my high five wave and also managed to get one of the big foam high five wave hands from the Scottish Power tent at the event.


photo 1(5)


I was worried when I woke up because the weather was rubbish but the rain stayed off whilst we ran and the ground was not slippy. Grant Thomson from Clyde 1 was there to rouse the runners and then singer Alexandra Burke came out to cheer everyone on and start a high 5 wave for her social media to raise awareness.


photo 2(5)


After this I went straight to the start line. This is my 4th year of doing the race and I’ve learnt that runners should always be at the front. Otherwise you spend the first ten minutes weaving through joggers and walkers. There was a few dogs this year running alongside owners and I almost tripped over one at one point! So my advice to anyone doing it next year would be to stand where is appropriate to your racing intentions.


Even although I raced by myself this year I still enjoyed the pre-race chat. I heard an inspirational story from a woman who survived cancer, took part in multiple mexican waves and did a little warm-up. It really is a great event to be a part of with such an uplifting atmosphere.


There was a Scottish band in front of the runners that played us to our start point and then we were off. I ran and I ran then needed a little walk to recover. At the beginning of the race I was disappointed with myself for needing to take a break so early in but then a big group of runners went past cheering and shouting to other runners and I just went for it. My phone was with Mr A and I had not taken a watch so I didn’t have a clue how long I had been running for. It felt like an hour and so many runners had passed me that I was thinking about 50 minutes. Once I reached the home straight and saw the clock saying 31 I was overjoyed and determined to finish before it reached 32.


Approaching the finish line

Approaching the finish line


Collecting my medal is my favourite part of the race and they also gave out bottles of Aqua Pura water and chocolate Brioche Pasquiers at the end. Popping back to the Scottish Power marquee to get a race day high 5 photo, I spotted Alexandra Burke and managed to get a photo with her. I assume that she’s running the London one because she never ran this one, thus why I look red faced and make-up free and she doesn’t.


photo 3(3)

I’d like to thank Scottish Power for inviting me to the race and donating £250 to my Just Giving sponsor page. The High 5 Wave raised a whopping £30,000 donation from Scottish Power. My personal Just giving page has raised £410 so far plus gift aid. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and the 14 thousand other runners at the Glasgow event.


Scottish Power is the official energy sponsor of Race For Life & want to raise £5 million in the next three years with Cancer Research.


You can still sponsor me by texting QJKF98 £5 (or whatever amount you want to sponsor) to 70070 or by visiting my Race For Life page until the 22nd of May.




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