Cocktails & Steak At NY Grill

There’s a new American joint in town and they invited me to try it out…


Princes square hosts numerous restaurants and another one has just joined the party upstairs. What used to be a little coffee shop in between Cranachan and Zizzi was hiding a mass of space behind it. The man behind Barca & Cranachan has gone all American on us and NY American Grill is the result. The manager, Leanne, explained how much research and preparation went into each element – from the choices of cocktails to the design of the restaurant. The big pull for me is that they have a special Jospur grill that cooks food at 700 degrees to give a chargrilled flavour without making everything bone dry.

I’ve got to admit that I’m bored of seeing burgers at the minute so was glad to open the menu and find (in addition to the burger) ribs, steak, fish and chicken.

We had been invited a few days before the restaurant opened to the public so my aim was to get a proper feel of the food and surroundings. That said, we started with the NY platter for two that consisted of calamari, chicken wings, crab bites and cheese & onion bonbons. The wings were voted our favourite – flavoursome without too thick a layer of sauce. I enjoyed the crab bites and I’ll be back to order them again and the bonbons made me feel naughty, not exactly the healthiest things in the world (but oh so tasty). Calamari needed tweaked a bit for my taste in terms of cooking time and seasoning but no doubt they’ll perfect this in time.



NY Platter £12.95


I made an epic error at this point – I ordered a milkshake. I know, I know, I got too excited and ordered the most filling drink that there is before eating my main course. I hadn’t had a proper shake in so long that I had to have it. Straight away. When it arrived it was a little weak on the strawberry side but as soon as I mentioned it to a member of staff they whipped it away and had it remade for me. Having been to preview nights before I know that they have them to iron out these kinks but I was impressed by how willing they were to make things right for everyone visiting.




Then there were ribs, because what is dinner at an American joint without a rack of ribs? As we started eating they seems a little overdone but actually the ones in the middle were cooked perfectly. They are served with corn and their own refurbished coleslaw but we ordered fries because it seemed strange not to have them.



Bourbon BBQ glazed rack of ribs £14.95


We both wanted steak, there was no doubt in my mind. I’m a lucky lady to have an understanding husband that will share all of his food with me so that I can write about it. Ribeye usually has the marbling of fat we are looking for without tasting fatty so we went for the 10oz but you can also get a 14oz. This was when the Jospur grill came into fruition. It was juicy and tasty (I think they’d put some kind of pre-cooking marinade on or something) and just all round delicious. The watercress, tomato and fries were spot-on accompaniments and the pepper sauce we’d chosen was a little over peppered but surplus to requirements anyway.



10oz Ribeye £22.95


Having not finished the main there was no dessert that was going to convince me that I had to have it. On the other hand the cocktail list was calling me and would serve as a fine sweet treat. Our waiter was eager to help, asking what kind of cocktails I enjoy, and thought I might like a Liberty Rose. Think parma violets with a classy edge and some roses thrown it, mmm!



Liberty Rose £6.75


Cocktail-wise Mr S usually chooses an Old Fashioned or a Caipirinha and whisky won on this day. Instead of just being served over ice the cocktail arrived in a little jug on ice with the glass separate. Someone at the table loved this idea and has been showing people ever since.



Old Fashioned £7


There were a few things that need adjusted but on the whole we left with a really positive opinion of NY American Grill. It will be handy for post shopping food and pre anything cocktails. Next time I am feeling mischievous and ready for some American grub I’ll stop in, perhaps for the pre theatre menu.



N.B – We received our food for half price as part of a VIP night. I was under no obligation to write about the night and this post contains my honest opinions.




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