We Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue G

I found myself in the west end with a spare hour on a Sunday morning recently so treated myself to breakfast. As I approached Avenue G’s door I wavered. I knew that I was cheating on my beloved Cup but I couldn’t resist temptation anymore.


Alas, my guilt was eased with a strong cappuccino that came with real chocolate shavings on top. I debated what to have so made one of those split second decisions when the waitress came to take my order – the eggs en cocotte with bacon.

I had settled upstairs in the petite cafe on a high stool. This gave me the best position for noseying on the kitchen and people watching. Ideal for filling the time when you’re dining solo.


The eggs arrived. I started eating and discovered cheese. There was an option of cheese on the menu but I had decided that I couldn’t be that naughty to have cheese AND bacon so I just ordered bacon. I took this as a sign that I was meant to have the cheese. I certainly wasn’t sending back food that I’d started eating, think of the waste that would have caused. I’m all about helping the landfill.


Well, these eggs were great – brunch at it’s best. Forget a fry-up and give me these any day. My colleagues will testify how much I raved about them.


My belly was full and I was ready for a manic day at work. I left Avenue G with a smile on my face and a positive first impression. Some of the lunch options sound appealing, such as the homemade sausage roll of the day, so I will keep Avenue G on my lunch list.

Avenue G on Urbanspoon



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