Gambrino – My Old Kelvinbridge Local

I used to live in Kelvinbridge in my student days & I have good memories of that time. We’d spend evenings in Kelvingrove Park eating treats from Philadelphia, have lunch in The Big Blue & dinner at Gambrino when we were feeling flush. Gambrino is still there so we went for lunch recently to see if it’s how I remember it.


The restaurant was quiet as it was the start of the week but they have a great value lunch menu for £6.95 (if memory serves correctly). We both ordered from the lunch menu because we were in a pizza mood.

I started with chicken strips and the portion size was large, especially for such a cheap menu. It was pure breast meat with no spongy taste from chicken pumped with water that some places give out. The crumb coating was crispy and I used the lemon provided to give zing to the mayo.


Mr S opted for the wholesome minestrone soup. It came with bread and they offered
fresh parmesan for the top. It was chunky as it should be and flavoursome.


There wasn’t a long wait before our pizzas arrived. Look away now pizza snobs because I indulged in a ham and pineapple number. I really liked the thin base with the crunchy crust with soft dough inside. Not too much sauce so it suited me perfectly.


The sausage and chilli pizza that Mr S created went down equally well.

I think we were served by the owner because between serving us he appeared to be doing paperwork. He made us feel valued and it was apparent that he cared if we enjoyed our meal or not.

We’ll be going back to Gambrino, in fact I’m a little irked that I left it so long after leaving Kelvinbridge to return. A lovely neighbourhood restaurant.

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