Trying to catch up with Glasgow burger places is exhausting – me and my expanded waist are officially over it. I’ve found my favourites and I’ll go to them but that’s it. I still have a short post to do about TriBeCa but as of now I’m hoping that my willpower will kick in. There’s only so many ways to describe a burger and anyway, James Vs Burger is much better at it than I am. So this is one of my last burger posts for a while. Several food lovers had recommended Buddy’s in Shawlands when it was a takeaway and they now have a dine-in place nearby so it seemed a logical pick for an informal catch-up with Southside friends.


20140529-183458-66898020.jpg(Excuse the messy menu)

Buddys has an American diner theme to the decor. As you can imagine, the menu is all burgers. I had a Buddy’s Special – a beef patty, mushroom, onion, cheese & bacon. It was smaller in size than many burgers I’ve been served recently but the texture and flavour were superior to a lot of those so I preferred it.


Mr S chose a Western Burger – beef patty, BBQ sauce, bacon & a giant onion ring. He rated it highly but said it wasn’t very big. Although he did think that if it was bigger then it might have not been as juicy.


Fries were probably bought in and frozen but fine for the occasion.
The side of chicken wings was a big portion and I’d order them again.

A good addition to Shawlands, making sure that locals don’t need to go into town for good food.

Buddy's BBQ & Burgers on Urbanspoon



    1. Too many burgers! My favourite have to be Bread Meats Bread I have to say. Followed by Burger Meats Bun.
      I’m looking forward to trying all these new places when I get back (and get pennies!) x

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