Burger Then Wine

I won a competition in March on Twitter and my prize was two tickets for a wine-tasting night with Pieter Rosenthal in Curlers Rest on Byres Road.

We wanted some fairly inexpensive scran beforehand so tried out TriBeCa for the first time as it is only five minutes walk away. I’ve heard lots about their pancakes and waffles but it was 5pm and they seem like brunch food so we had burgers. I won’t go into too much detail but the burgers were large, chips got the thumbs up, lots of accessories to choose from but the meat was fairly tasteless. I thought that I was getting a burger with cheese in the middle of the patty but the cheese was just in between two patties.
I’m coming back for their pancakes another day because I’m fairly confident that I’ll prefer TriBeCa as a brunch place.




Anyway, back to wine night. Curlers had reserved most of upstairs for the tasting and had it arranged as three long bench style areas. We sat at the front because I can struggle to hear at these events. There were around 30 of us and we were given tasting note sheets to write notes if we wanted.

Pieter gave a brief outline as to what the night would entail & about new and old world wines. Old world wine producers include France, Italy & Germany among others and tend to use methods passed down from generation to generation. New world wine producers include New Zealand, South America, Australia and South Africa & use more up to date methods. I knew a bit about this already but I find the topic interesting so I’m happy to listen again and learn a few new snippets of knowledge.




During the tasting we compared an old world wine with a new world wine for each section. After each comparison we voted on whether we preferred the old or new one. The old world wines won the battle! The general consensus was that many of the new world ones were better for session drinking but the old world ones were better for serious flavour and meals.


Some of the snacks they gave us were a bit random for a wine tasting!

Some of the snacks they gave us were a bit random for a wine tasting!


I had a great night at the tasting and found Pieter to be informative without boring me with too much detail. Tickets are only £6, which I think is a bargain for wine tasting. It would provide novices with a solid introduction to the world of wine.


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