Eat Cafe

The Pollockshaws Road & Kilmarnock Road area is full of cafés & restaurants that are intriguing & that I want to go to. A few months ago I visited Eat Cafe in Shawlands for the first time – we wanted somewhere nearby that can accommodate a pram and sells delicious food. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the food because it looks like a nondescript cafe from the outside & the name is rather uninspiring. I realised once inside that they have a ‘proper food in relaxed surroundings’ ethos – if only more cafes upped their food game like this. So this time I was back for a second visit to see if it was a one trick pony.

It was a birthday celebration so we started with Sauvignon Blanc – delicious and reasonable at £14.95 a bottle.

I was set on having risotto with smoked haddock, leek and a poached egg from the off (£8.50/£12.50). They also give you the option of having black pudding, which I did. I was very pleased with my pick – rich risotto loaded with smoked haddock surrounded by sweet leeks. The egg was runny and the black pudding should definitely be added if you are at all carnivorous.




The cajun chicken burger (£10.95) next to me looked like a well executed dish and the silence told me that it was. I avoid chicken burgers because they are usually dry but as she cut into this there was juice coming out. Not being a slaw fan she offered it to me and I wolfed it down.




Another burger was put down opposite me for the birthday girl but this time a steak burger (£11.95). This burger was the reason that we were in Eat Cafe for lunch so I think that says everything! The fries were skinny ones that were well seasoned.




We were having birthday desserts, of course we were. The caramel shortcake was balanced with the three elements and heated so it was gooey.




A bakewell slice was served with creme fraiche to cut through the sweetness.




Mrs H had a little tart with ice-cream, if I remember correctly it was citrus. I remember it was custardy so possibly a portugese tart but whatever it was she ate it all.




I don’t think that I’m lying when I say that I had the best dessert. It was a gooey, warm chocolate brownie with toffee ice-cream and my own mini jug of hot toffee sauce. Oh yes. One of those dishes that you make strange noises when you have your first couple of mouthfuls.




Eat Cafe is a marvellous example of Glasgow’s cafe culture. Perfect for a south-side lunch or casual bite to eat.




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