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Tantrum Doughnuts Made My Day


I would class myself as a doughnut lover. When I was pregnant my sister, niece & I drove a five hour round trip to satisfy my pregnancy cravings of doughnuts and peri-peri chicken so I’m pretty sure that I qualify. 

Without sounding too like Nigella, there’s something about a warm filled doughnut that can’t be beaten – it’s so naughty and indulgent. 

The newest doughnut shop to hit my radar is in on of my favourite spots in the city, the hip without being polished Finnieston. So many foodie places have opened in the area in recent years that you don’t want to miss it. Tantrum Doughnuts is set a couple of minutes walk away from Kelvingrove Art Gallery where Cushion & Cake used to be. They appear to be primarily a takeaway but have some seats inside if you can’t wait until you get home to eat. Coffee, milkshakes and handmade doughnuts are the menu entirety and I was sure they’d do it well. 
Their Facebook page had been teasing me for weeks so I was determined to try them out. They make their own marshmallow for goodness sakes! 

some of their facebook photos that had been enticing me in


We were going to a friends house so we bought a selection of creme brulee, peanut butter & jelly and jam filled. In retrospect I should have bought a sneaky chocolate number for the next day. 

The doughnuts were divine! The creme brulee even cracked as you bit into it and the dough was light enough and tasty. 

I love their slightly unusual flavours and hope that they continue to rotate them to show their skills. The owners have a history cooking in top restaurants and it’s evident when you go in. Even the denim dresses worn by the staff go with the feel of the place, the attention to detail is incredible. 

Keep up the good work Tantrum, maybe one day in the future I’ll be back with more pregnancy cravings. 

We Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue G

I found myself in the west end with a spare hour on a Sunday morning recently so treated myself to breakfast. As I approached Avenue G’s door I wavered. I knew that I was cheating on my beloved Cup but I couldn’t resist temptation anymore.


Alas, my guilt was eased with a strong cappuccino that came with real chocolate shavings on top. I debated what to have so made one of those split second decisions when the waitress came to take my order – the eggs en cocotte with bacon.

I had settled upstairs in the petite cafe on a high stool. This gave me the best position for noseying on the kitchen and people watching. Ideal for filling the time when you’re dining solo.


The eggs arrived. I started eating and discovered cheese. There was an option of cheese on the menu but I had decided that I couldn’t be that naughty to have cheese AND bacon so I just ordered bacon. I took this as a sign that I was meant to have the cheese. I certainly wasn’t sending back food that I’d started eating, think of the waste that would have caused. I’m all about helping the landfill.


Well, these eggs were great – brunch at it’s best. Forget a fry-up and give me these any day. My colleagues will testify how much I raved about them.


My belly was full and I was ready for a manic day at work. I left Avenue G with a smile on my face and a positive first impression. Some of the lunch options sound appealing, such as the homemade sausage roll of the day, so I will keep Avenue G on my lunch list.

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