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I Miss Bread Meats Bread!

So the flat is no longer ours, we’ve started our jobs up in Inverness & unpacked enough boxes at my folks to do us until we get in the new house. Being up here has some perks – I spent last night at a friends drinking wine with the girls – but I’m yet to find a new Bread Meats Bread. If someone can point me in the direction of a pink burger in a brioche bun I will be running straight there.
Fine, I admit it, I’ve become a burger snob. It’s Glasgow’s fault for giving me such an amazing range of good-quality burger places. So until I find somewhere up here like that (or make a Glasgow trip), I’ll reminisce over my last visit to BMB.


The last few times I’ve been here I’ve had a fullhouse burger or a smokey and this occasion was no different. You’ve heard it all before but I wanted to write about it again for new readers – and I guess when I feel that they are doing what they do so well, I want success for them. Anyway, the burger was a pinky medium (you can ask for it cooked through), the cheese was all gooey, the slow cooked meat was peppery and tender & the brioche bun kept the whole thing together.


The cheeseburger next to me was going down equally as well & ‘the wolf’ across the table was being savagely wolfed down.


The side orders are big enough to feed more than one so a chips and a sweet potato fries was enough for the four of us. If you have tried sweet potato fries yet then do it without hesitation. We added some onion rings too just because we couldn’t resist.


Their house draught beer (Beer M Beer) is Scottish lager and a 2 pint jug will set you back £7. They also have bottles of two of my favourite beers – Samuel Adams and Blue Moon.

I write this full of hope that someone, somewhere will read it and open up a similar one in Inverness. If you’ve got the money I’ll run it for you! I know that I’m not the only person that raves about it and it’s well deserved. I miss you Bread Meats Bread.


Fire Me Up Firebird

My in-laws are pretty good at choosing restaurants in Glasgow. They always seem to find gems that I’ve maybe thought about going to but never quite got round to it. A Finnieston favourite – Firebird – is one of these places. It fits in the crossover bar/food/bistro category and recently I went for lunch. And yes, I already want to go back for dinner.


photo 3(4)


They have a very reasonable lunch deal on where it’s £7.50 a combo. The combo options are soup & a sandwich, soup & half a pizza, sandwich & chips or half a pizza & salad. Their pizzas came recommended so I knew that was going to be my choice, and the parsnip, carrot & kale soup on the board caught my eye.
My friend was also eyeing up the soup so she went for the soup & sandwich combo.

The soup was thick and had so much flavour. Kale never seems an appetizing option by itself but mixed with the carrot and parsnip it was diluted so it worked. It had the added bonus of making me feel healthy because kale is such a superfood. I love the soup along the road at Cushion & Cake, and this soup was on par with that. That’s a big compliment.


photo 2(7)


My half pizza that I chose to go alongside the soup was n’duja and red onion. N’duja is a spicy Calabrian spreadable sausage. I’ve only ever had it in pasta before, and although I’m a bit of a wimp with spicy dishes, I enjoy the taste. So I asked for some water and ordered it. Boy was it hot! Enjoyably spicy though and it was one of those times when I was determined to finish it because I was fond of it.


Lindsey had a sandwich to go with her soup and all four sandwich options sounded interesting, even the veggie option. She decided on the Serrano ham, manchego cheese and sliced apple filling. Those three actually paired really successfully with the soup and showed that Firebird has promise.


photo 1(6)


On our way out I noticed that they were selling their own organic, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil so I had to grab a bottle. They were selling it for £5 or £6 but it hasn’t been opened yet so I can’t comment on the flavour. Then we went for a walk in the nearby Kelvingrove Park, one of my favourite places in the city.




Next time I go to Firebird would ideally be in a group so that we could share a pasta, pizza, meat dish and small plate because the menu options have such imagination and I want to try each one. Firebird is also a relaxed place to sit with a positive vibe. The sort of place that you can comfortably catch up on a busy week together. Plan created.

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Roaming To Stravaigin

The first time I went to Stravaigin in Gibson Street was almost 7 years ago. I was there with Mr S and his family to celebrate his graduation & I remember thinking the menu was so adventurous. I had monkfish with risotto – I can barely remember things from last month but my brain carved out space for remembering that risotto. Recently we were in the West End and decided to pop in for dinner.




Stravaigin is an old Scottish word that means to roam or wander so it seems appropriate for the food that is inspired by different places around the world. They have traditional Scottish dishes such as haggis, neeps & tatties and then they have things from further afield like nasi goreng and frittata.

We had not booked and, as it was a Friday night, it was heaving. We were told it would be about half an hour for a table – the perfect amount of time to enjoy one of their French Martini’s at the bar. Stravaigin is split into three areas. There is the more formal restaurant downstairs, the relaxed upstairs restaurant and the bar. I’ve heard that some of it is also dog friendly for those not wanting to leave the pooch at home.


I love the lights in the bar

I love the lights in the bar


We were sat on the mezzanine level in the relaxed upstairs part. This part of the place is very bistro-esque with a relaxed atmosphere and smallish, close knit tables. There were rumbling bellies so we ordered some bread and steamed west coast mussels, sweet chilli & coriander. We were glad we ordered the bread because the tasty mussel juices were begging to be mopped up.


Mussels £6.45, bread £1.95

Mussels £6.45, bread £1.95


Only then did we decide on our main feasts. Mr S opted for the seared featherblade and I was excited by the venison special. There seems to be a fashion for using tastier, non-traditional cuts of beef at the moment and Mr S almost always chooses this option. I’ve seen skirt steak and flank steak and I’ve heard of featherblade but this was my first time tasting it. These meats are always served red/pink because they go tough if they are cooked any longer. Mr S really enjoyed it & was also raving about the chunky chips and flatcap mushrooms that accompanied it. Good portion size too. After ordering dishes like this three times now it was rated as second best out of the three. He didn’t like the chimichurri sauce that accompanied it and I’d be inclined to agree. I don’t want an oily sauce to accompany steak and I’ve never been converted to chimichurri. For bread maybe but not steak. When it arrived we tasted the chimichurri then asked our waitress for some whisky sauce instead. Within five minutes we were back on track with a ‘want to lick the dish’ whisky sauce.






My venison haunch was served with carrot purée, rosemary sautéed baby potatoes and jerusalem artichokes and a neep relish. The dish looked good and I like a vegetable crisp on top of a dish for bite. All of the elements of the dish complemented each other well so credit to the chef who designed the dish. The venison haunch was tasty, if slightly more cooked than I would have liked (but I understand that everyone likes venison cooked to varying levels). My only real niggle was that there was a smattering of gravy/jus around the plate but nowhere near enough. The bites I took that had some were greatly improved by those that did not. I shared the whisky sauce (that actually went with the flavourings) but if that had not have been on the table I would not have enjoyed the dish as much.






To end the meal we shared some homemade churned mint chocolate ice-cream with an Anzac cookie. The ice-cream had an amazing flavour and obviously used quality ingredients. I wouldn’t usually have chosen mint chocolate but it was the ice-cream of the day so thought we’d order it & it was a good move. It was quite difficult to eat melting ice-cream on a slightly warm plate instead of a bowl but it just made us eat quicker! We’ll know to ask for a bowl next time.






On another note, I want to mention that they do wine flights for you to enjoy with your meal because I love this idea. I am a slow drinker so a few smaller measures means I can try more.

We had a terrific impromptu meal at Stravaigin and I look forward to roaming back sometime soon.





Casse-Croûte – A Slice Of Paris In London

During our time in London we were meeting friends that work in Bermondsey. On our last day we decided to meet them for lunch and when I was researching where to go in the area I came across a little French restaurant called Casse-Croûte. It immediately interested me because they don’t have a menu as such – they just update a blackboard with that days offerings and there’s only three starters, three mains and three desserts to choose from. Fresh & seasonal, I like. Sometimes no menu puts me off because I like to get a feel for a place before going, but Casse-Croûte update their Twitter with the days menu every morning so I could pour through past days food. How I wish that restaurants would use their twitter more to display daily specials. Anyway, I mentioned Casse-Croûte to our London locals and they said that it’s a great choice and near their work. The last lunch had been decided!




Casse-Croûte is very small and booking is highly recommended. In that traditional French way the tables are close together and there are no low fat labels in the kitchen. It reminded me of the cute places in Paris. The menu is in French and our waitress was French but she kindly translated everything for us without asking.
We tried everything on the menu between us but I could have enjoyed any single dish that they were serving.

There was a classic tomato soup – blitzed so you get no pesky bits and with a slight acidity.




A starter of smoked haddock with leek and a soft egg was another demonstration from the chef of classic cooking done well. What I would do right now to be sitting there eating this dish again!




The third starter on the menu was cheese soufflé. For some reason I am always suspicious of soufflé. Puffed egg with a side flavour, I’m not too sure about this. And what if I get bored of egg halfway through and have to leave it. I tried a bite of someone else’s and clearly I’d misjudged this soufflé. I can’t speak for other soufflés because I never choose them but this particular one definitely made me rethink my self imposed soufflé ban. It was light with a crunchy outside and had just the right cheese level.




By now I was feeling smug with myself that I’d spent so long researching London blogs & found Casse-Croûte. For my main I chose the baked ham with potato purée and mustard sauce. Next time I am choked with the cold this is what I will be dreaming about. Comfort food of the highest order.




A simple dish of sole in a buttery and caper sauce arrived with a couple of steamed potatoes but lacked any other vegetables. It still got the thumbs up from the two gents at the table.


The creamy veal stew was served with rice & was another wintery dish with great flavouring.




Ordinarily we would not have eaten dessert but because this was the last London meal (and the last time we’d eat in a long time!) we had to try them. I had the Pavé De Faubourg, which was a slice of chocolate cake with mandarins in the middle & a drizzle of mandarin & black pepper sauce. I liked the idea of the dessert and the mandarin element was tasty but the cake itself was lacking in moisture for me.




The tarte tatin on the other hand, was simply terrific. The apples were not hard nor sloppy and the pastry was not too thick. The sweetness level was perfect and the dollop of cream was just enough.




The final dessert was visually one of my favourite things that I had been served in a long time and it also delivered on taste. The Saint Honoré started with thin pastry then there was a sturdy crème pâtissière (crème chiboust I presume) and a choux ball filled with cream and dipped in caramelised sugar on the side.




Casse-Croûte was the perfect way to end our London gastronomy trip for my 30th birthday. It has a buzzy atmosphere and fine solid cooking that took me back to my Paris trip. The presentation was of a high standard and I like the personalised plates. The service was superb and speedy for those going back to work. I love the vibe that I got from the place – it was such a strong ‘this is what we are, like us or not’ with the menu and such. There were a couple of niggly negatives but the whole experience made up for them and I will certainly be back here.


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You can read more about my trip to London in other posts here:



Las Iguanas Launch Party

I’ve been to a few launch parties now but none with latin dancers and such a party atmosphere as Las Iguanas on West Nile Street. It was loud, lively and opened the place with a bang.


There was plenty fizz, rum cocktail, sangria, caipirinhas, wine and beer going around and the place was packed. I tried a bit of everything in the name of research and all of the drinks get the thumbs up from me. They are very proud of their caipirinhas because they make them with their own branded cachaca.


They were generous with the food too. It started with the tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole that was on the tables then the staff started handing out a selection of food from their menu. I liked almost all of the food that I tried. There were shot glasses with various sauces like black bean & bacon (not for me) and coconut curry sauce (delicious). Empanadas, quesadillas, meat skewers, leaves cupping various meats in sauces and more.




My favourite was the garlic mushroom quesadilla – there’s no boring veggie options here. In fact, I came with a vegetarian and when the PR lady found out she returned with a veggie platter especially for her. Nice touch.




After feeding us, the team at Las Iguanas then treated us to some funky dancing from the professionals before getting the rest of us on the dance floor for a try.


The whole place and atmosphere screamed fun and, although the place won’t be that lively every day, it could be an ideal place for hens and other groups.



I’d like to extend my thanks to Loop PR & the staff at Las Iguanas for inviting me.

Brel Brilliant

Glasgow has many bars and pubs that sell food. I can be sceptical about the food in these places because in my head lots of them buy in frozen junk that they pass off as food instead of whipping up something delicious. The first time that I can remember having truly great food in a pub was when I was in London staying with friends. The Earl Spencer in Southfields was like one of these ‘gastropubs’ I’d seen on the telly & I was pleased as punch sitting with my half kilo of shell on fresh prawns. I returned to Glasgow thinking how amazing it would be to live in London with places like that to eat. All I want from a pub that sells food is high quality. A full on ‘Gastropub’ with a seasonal menu would be nicer but I’ll settle for pleasant surroundings, quality beers on tap & food that is better than average. Fast forward a few years, a change in ownership and the new improved Brel emerges on Ashton Lane.



After eating at Brel years back and thinking it was okay but not enough to make me go back, Brel would not have been on my radar. But then I was invited to a night to celebrate the new menu that I couldn’t make but the other bloggers photos looked delicious. So I put it on my list & we went along one night after work.

The mussels came recommended so Mr S & I decided to share a starter portion in a smoked bacon, caramelised onions, white wine and cream sauce. They were certainly the best mussels I’ve had this year, if not longer. The sauce was delicious and there was bread for dipping. We both said that we need to go back soon just for a big pot of mussels. Probably better that they stop serving food around 10pm because otherwise we’d all be leaving working and having late night mussel snacks.




Mr S chose the ribs for his main but regretted it afterwards. Not because they weren’t nice – he just said that ribs taste almost the same wherever you go – but because the mussels had been so good that he wish he’d ordered them.





I was curious about the slow cooked brisket of beef, seared skirt steak, pancetta and dauphinoise potato so I ordered it. I don’t know which chef thought up the idea of having slow cooked brisket on the same plate as medium rare skirt steak but I would be ecstatic if they could come to my house & sort my dinner out tonight.



£12.95 (comes with potato dauphinoise)



I went through a stage last year when every meal out that I had was so fabulous that I worried that I’d lowered my standards but I broke that streak recently with some just okay meals. Luckily, Brel has now broken this trend and exceeded my expectations.

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Bread Meats Bread – More Than A Fleeting Trend

I attended the opening night of Bread Meats Bread in October and you can read about the night here

Glasgow is full of new burger places and the blogging world are lapping it up. I managed the whole of January without a single burger so in February I was ready for a Bread Meats Bread outing. I have been back several times since it opened and I’ve watched the inevitable changes that come with a new restaurant learning. They have just changed their menu to account for this and there is one change in particular that I love – bacon fries. They have also now got their alcohol licence so we have been sampling their house draft beer, Sam Adams and Blue Moon and they all got the thumbs up.


I like that you don’t automatically get fries with the burgers because it makes the meal more of a sharing event. Every time I have been, regardless of who I’m with, we have shared sides. This time we ordered a main each then shared sweet potato fries, bacon chips and a classic poutine between four of us.

The new menu

The new menu

The new smokey burger was a hit with the table. It consists of a house blend burger with swiss cheese, purple slaw, bbq sauce and smoked meat of the day. They let you choose from a meat selection for meat of the day and at our table we had a salami, a pulled pork and a beef brisket. We were also asked how we wanted our burgers cooked and we all said pink. The burger patty was tasty and the toppings were well received.

Smokey burger with pulled pork £8

Smokey burger with pulled pork £8

I was the only one at the table not having a burger in favour of bbq pulled pork on a brioche roll with purple slaw and bbq sauce. It was a similar product to theirs but, after trying the pulled pork previously when it was a special, I wanted all the pork I could get. The in house smoking does wonders for this and it is pulled to order – so tasty. My only criticism is that I’d have liked a touch more bbq sauce. I really like the homemade coleslaw as well, none of this tasteless gloop that I’ve been served by other unnamed establishments.

BBQ pulled pork sandwich £6

BBQ pulled pork sandwich £6

The new and improved fries were fantastic. I have loved the sweet potato fries since they opened but I was told that they have tried and tested different methods and the new sweet potato chips are thinner and crispier. They still come with the spicy mayo that I enjoy thank goodness. Then there was the poutines – this is my second taste of the classic poutine here and its like a fancy chips, cheese and gravy really. I liked them the first time but the gravy was stronger this time making them more flavoursome. The cheese curds are almost lighter than normal cheese somehow. Now on to the star of the show that was the bacon chips. Not only was there bacon on the chips but there was also bacon mayo… bacon. mayo. I was tempted to nip in after work a few days ago for some of this wonderous invention but I stopped myself & forced my legs to run for the bus, cursing myself the whole way home.

Poutine £4, Bacon chips £3, Sweet potato chips £3

Poutine £4, Bacon chips £3, Sweet potato chips £3

I can also vouch for the classic grilled cheese with soup that I tried on a December visit. It’s like a cheese toastie but on a tastier scale and you can dip your cheese in the rich tomato soup for comfort food fulfillment.

Grilled cheese £3, £1 extra with soup

Grilled cheese £3, £1 extra with soup

They didn’t have any brownie when we were in (sob) and the photo I took last time is lost somewhere in my food photo vault but it looks like a brownie in a cup with vanilla ice-cream! The brownie is very gooey and soft. A fully cooked brownie is a gripe of mine that goes hand in hand with my dislike of macaroni arriving as another pasta shape, over-filled white wine glasses and cheddar cheese on pizza – all no-no’s in my book. It is a bold statement but Bread Meats Bread’s brownie is the best brownie that I have eaten in Glasgow.

Bread Meats Bread is casual eating at its best. You cannot book which can be bad but is also good because you don’t get turned away on busy nights. It provides me with comfort food and hasn’t let me down yet so I have great deal of affection for the place.

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This post is a bit late because I was humming and hawing over whether to use it or not but I decided today to put it on so here goes…


I know Byres Road pretty well as I work nearby so go for post-work dinner regularly. On the corner of Byres Road is The Hilton Hotel & the restaurant attached is called Bo’Vine. It is a fancy steak restaurant that opened in 2010. For me their appeal is their excellent value pre-theatre menu, where you can get two courses including a rib eye steak for £14.50.




We ordered drinks and I went straight to the red wine because there was no doubt in my mind that i was having steak. I’ve been in here before and they do a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir, so nice that I bought a case of it online afterwards.

To start we both ordered the Stornoway black pudding, poached hens egg, pancetta & red wine jus. This, or a variation of, is a tried and tested starter with me that I know I like in restaurants. I’m sure I’ll have written about my black pudding love previously so I’ll not bore you. Anyway, this dish is like posh comfort food – it’s filling, a bit sinful but I know what I’m getting when I order it. The egg was perfectly runny and the jus was tasty.


photo 1


The steak on the pre-theatre was chargrilled rib eye with triple cooked chips and a peppercorn sauce. I’m more of a bearnaise girl so I asked for bearnaise instead of peppercorn & I was told that there would be an extra charge for this.
The steaks arrived and we’d ordered a portion of truffled macaroni alongside it to try. Both of us enjoy a good macaroni but, shock horror, we didn’t like it. The pasta used was macaroni (I have a bugbear about places advertising macaroni then serving other types of pasta!) and I could taste truffle so as the description goes it was pretty accurate but we never enjoyed the dish. The sauce was like a white sauce with added truffle and it seriously lacked flavour & seasoning. We only ate a couple of mouthfuls each and then pushed it to the side.


Truffled Macaroni £3

Truffled Macaroni £3


On the other hand, Bo’Vine do excellent chips. Big, chunky fellas that are perfect for steak and dipping in a pot of steak sauce. They have obviously spent time and effort crafting a good quality product and I appreciate this.



Our steaks had that nice chargrilled flavour & the meat was flavoursome. My medium rare steak was undercooked but I enjoyed it nonetheless. We never discussed until we were almost finished that my dining companions rare steak was overcooked so I think they got our steaks mixed up when they put them down. I have always wondered how steak restaurant staff know which steak is which and what their system is. Do they put coloured cocktail sticks in them and remove them on the pass? Anyway, it’s an easy mistake to make & didn’t ruin our meal although I know some diners would have sent them back.


Yes, I started eating again before taking the photo!

Yes, I started eating again before taking the photo!


We ploughed on like the troopers that we are to have a dessert to write about. A pannacotta and a brownie were ordered for reporting purposes. The vanilla pannacotta was served with ice-cream & was rich and creamy but lacking in something. Another taste like a coulis would have added a lacking element to the dish.


photo 4


My chocolate and peanut butter brownie was soft but not moist enough for me and lacking in peanut butter flavour. It was fine but not fantastic – a real shame because I have tried the doughnuts & sundae in here on previous occasions and they were both delicious.


photo 5


When the bill arrived I had indeed been charged extra for my bearnaise sauce – £3 extra. This is where they make their money then. Hmm.

The reason I wasn’t sure whether to publish this post was because I enjoyed this visit less than I’d enjoyed previous visits so I felt it unfair to write negative feedback. I have been trying to pinpoint my general thoughts about Bo’Vine and this is what I’ve come up with. It’s a bit pretentious in decor & formal staff but this probably does not bother much of their clientele of businessmen and women staying at the hotel. Personally I feel that if they toned that down then it would be a better place. The steak is of a high quality but for me this is firmly in the pre-theatre category because it’s expensive and, quite frankly, there are other Glasgow steak restaurants that I like the ambience of better. But, the pre-theatre menu offers great value & it’s the only steak place around Byres Road, and I like the wine. They are also very patient letting you sit for a while after your meal so that’s another plus point. I’ll go back but I guess Bo’Vine has captured my head but not my heart. I don’t feel romantic about it in the same way I often do about places that I’m loyal to. I’m a bit of a sap like that! I’ve always liked the Michel De Montaigne quote ‘the art of dining well is no slight art, the pleasure not a slight pleasure’ and this is how I see it. Maybe Bo’Vine is a grower, we’ll see.



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Celinos Makes Dennistoun

I have written about Dennistoun before and have mentioned a few times my love for Celinos. This cafe/restaurant/deli was a small deli when I first moved to Dennistoun with four rickety tables. I’d go in for takeaway pork rolls and olives. A couple of years in they expanded and there’s now about 17 tables and a dedicated deli side. They sell a wide selection of meat, cheese, pasta, wine etc to takeaway and even sell Celinos shopper bags (I have four!).
The restaurant menu changes from day to night & they also have lunch and pre-theatre menus. I’d recommend the penne salsiccia aurora, macaroni cheese, pollo milanese, pollo bianco, the soprano & focaccia. And the soups and pizzas are pretty great too. They have got Moretti on tap to wash it all down.


celinos exterior1


Celinos is somewhere that I regularly meet friends for coffee or lunch. I have been so busy in January that I wasn’t in at all so the first free day off I had I popped in. Alan (the maître d’ or front of house manager) greets everyone like an old friend – it’s no wonder that he was a runner up for best front of house in the Scottish Italian Awards 2013. He is always on the ball and, working in a restaurant, I can almost see what he is thinking at times. Definitely a major asset to the place.




Anyway, Alan made sure I got a good seat & a drink straight away. They sell cans of San Pellegrino Aranciata so I usually have that or the blood orange one. When it came to ordering I really wanted the seabass with leek risotto that used to be on the pre-theatre menu & the head chef kindly arranged to make it for me. This is the type of place Celinos is – the staff working there seem passionate about what they do & have an understanding of what brings people back. They appear to genuinely care if you enjoyed your visit. Unfortunately this is not apparent in many places that I visit so it stands out.



I sat back and made use of the free wi-fi to do some blogging and the place literally filled up in minutes. During the day it is busy and bustling with a mixture of people.


My dish arrived and I was offered freshly ground black pepper. The seabass was cooked perfectly with a really crispy skin. The risotto was creamy and cheesy with a slight sweetness from the leek. Together it was a rich and indulgent mouthful & exactly as I remembered it.




I noticed that the pre-theatre menu now has seabass with infused rice so I’ll try that next time if I can drag myself away from the pasta.

I ended the meal with a cappuccino & when I asked for a coffee Alan knew straight away that I drink cappuccinos. Even my dad who lives in Inverness talks about Celinos coffee. It’s strong, Italian coffee that packs a punch & wakes me up when I’m hungover or tired!




I paid the bill and forced myself to walk past the deli counter and not buy a big Italian loaf & goddess olives. Until next time!

Read my post on Dennistoun here:

(I’d like to make it clear that I received no payment for this review & I paid for my meal. I just rave because Celinos is my local & I have a great deal of affection for it!)



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Meat Bar – All About The French Dip

Glasgow is having a meaty year of it, with many new openings being centred around burgers and meat in general. My twitter is full of buzz about Burger Meats Bun, Smoak food, James VS Burger and, most recently, the imminent opening of Bread Meats Bread. During all of the madness, Meat Bar popped up on West Regent Street ready to feed the masses yet more meat. With their chunky wood and leathery interior, I was hoping that the eating was going to be as serious as the decor.






First things first, I’d like to explain that we were having a birthday meat weekend for Mr S after healthy eating all month. I am a complete carnivore and had really missed red meat. With my hangover, it had to be somewhere very very meaty and I had been wanting to try Meat Bar for a while so we wandered into town to fill our bellies. It’s a casual place so we didn’t need to dress up and would be good for a catch-up with friends.


The starters on the menu all sounded appetising but I just wanted a big burger and nothing to delay that! The rest of the menu is broken down into sections – sliders, smoker, smokehouse sandwiches, steaks and grinder burgers. There is an ample selection of sides including fries, coleslaw, veg and mac n cheese.


Unable to decide, Mr S asked our waiter for advice. He recommended the french dip smokehouse sandwich, which Mr S had been looking at anyway so that was decided. I went for the grinder burger and was pleased to see that they serve their burgers pink so that the flavour isn’t cooked out of them.


My grinder burger started with a paprika dusted pork and beef patty then had chorizo & manchego on top and was finished with tomato compote and pickle. It was a thick, pink burger in a brioche bun (tick) and very nice indeed. I also really liked the coleslaw that came with it and I wish that more places would invest more time and energy into homemade coleslaw. It provides a welcome break from all of that meat so that I can tackle the rest of the burger revitalised.


Grinder Burger £8

Grinder Burger £8



The french dip sandwich was described on the menu as a homemade ciabatta containing brisket beef, swiss cheese, grilled onions, wholegrain mustard, horseradish & silky marrow bone gravy. To me it was just a big hug of meat in a bun that could banish even the worst of hangovers. We kind of shared food but I really just wanted all of that sandwich. The burger was nice but the sandwich was far superior – the meat was tender and all of the flavours meshed into a big tasty bite.


French Dip Smokehouse Sandwich £9

French Dip Smokehouse Sandwich £9


We shared two sides – triple cooked fries and crispy dry rub onion rings. The fries were crispy and of a high quality. But it was the onion rings that stole the sides show with their soft insides and crisp, flavoursome outsides. Not like those oversized, undercooked and soggy batter ones that I see too often.


Triple Cooked Fries £3

Triple Cooked Fries £3

Crispy Dry Rub Onion Rings £3

Crispy Dry Rub Onion Rings £3


I ran out of wind and could not even finish my burger so there was no chance of dessert. Even if we did go for dessert, two out of the three offerings contained nuts and Mr S is allergic to nuts so he would have been left with little choice unfortunately. Going with the whole American style theme, I would love to see a sundae on the menu. Nothing too crazy but a salted caramel brownie concoction would bring a big smile to my face.


I can’t comment on the drinks because we went for coke but the meat cocktails sound interesting (yes, cocktails flavoured with meat) and I’m sure that next time won’t be such a sober affair.




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